Private Office

Entrance doors

The wooden entrance doors  of Modern;

Technical specifications:

Opening options: external and internal.
Door width:

  • • from 350 mm to 1000 mm (leaved door)
  • • от 350 mm to 1400 mm (single door)

Door height: 3000 mm.

The wooden entrance doors are made of a triple laminated Euro beam with 78*82 mm cross-section. Due to a successful design the doors may be of different sizes.

The 108*78 mm sash profile makes it possible to use different lever sets and special hinges enduring 120-150 kg.

All constructions of entrance group can be equipped with antiburglar function protected your house from uninvited guests: fittings crossbars and tow hooks, glass units with armour-coated glass and ornamental grills that decorate and protect at the same time. It is also possible to connect to the system of "Smart house"

Wooden doors Modern Trade; They may have not only rectangular, but also non-standard shape:

  • • arch,
  • • oblique,
  • • performed in the style of Hi-Tech.

Oleksandr Kemin manager consultant
Igor Fesyuk